- Your Eyes & Ears in the Field

Ultratell® manages field workers, operations & assets at multi-locations in real time, closing the gap between your back office and
field operations. This solution promotes transparent, accountable, efficient and productive field operations.

Field Services

Manage Field Workers, Assets, Facilities & Operations


Manage Last Mile Deliveries, Courier & Other Delivery Operations

Security & Patrol

Manage Security, Safety & Emergency Operatives & Operations

Field Sales

Delineate & Manage Sales Territories; Validate Visits, Prospects & Mileage

Achieve Your
Business Goals!

Get insight into your field operations for quality decision-making. Optimise operations & promote efficiency.

Dynamic work planning & scheduling

Real-time field workforce & operational visibility for transparency & accountability

Real-time field data collection for enhanced decision-making

Real-time management of field investments

Facial recognition for biometric attendance & timesheet

Interactive dashboard for advance analytics & reporting

Induct, train & resource personnel remotely

Schedule Work Dynamically

Plan & schedule work automatically to achieve efficiency in resource allocation. Ultratell evaluates defined parameters and schedules work events on the basis of best fit. It allows for manual intervention as may be necessary. The solution considers all the parameters which could be in multiples and organisations' workflow to give a perfect work schedule. It generates work orders, alerting concerned workers of their schedules for the day, week or month. The parameters are as defined by users. Such parameters could be workers' skill sets and certifications, workload and shifts, nearness to customer site, availability and location of parts etc.

Plan Routes & Track Field Operations

You can achieve optimal travel time and accurate mileage for your field workforce using Ultratell Route Planner. The Route Planner plans travel routes, assisting you to make travel and scheduling decisions more accurately. Receive real time traffic updates to decide on optimal travel routes and times. Workers location, activities and job statuses can be tracked and viewed using live maps. Managers can decide the field workers to be dispatched from one site to another, providing them with custom routes and turn-by-turn directions on their mobile devices. Alerts and notifications are activated when there are deviations. With optimal travel route, costs associated with time and distances are reduced.

Visualise Field Operations

Get real-time location and time information on field workers, assets, facilities, worksites and places requiring services. Knowing where your field workers are and what they are doing gives clarity for decision making in complex and dynamic field operations. Ultratell makes it possible to visualise and interact with field workforce providing shorter response time to site issues, travel changes and to make other operational decisions. You can determine and regulate work quality, costs, and workforce behaviour and can confirm work statuses of teams, reassign tasks or get feedback on tasks, viewing results in real time. Ultratell provides field visibility saving time, money and using workforce efficiently and providing quality services to your client’s satisfaction.

Geofence Work Locations

Ultratell uses its geofencing feature to create virtual geographical boundaries around specified physical locations. Managers are able to set up geofences and triggers for the entry or exit of the virtual fence. These triggers issue alerts when personnel or devices using Ultratell App breach the virtual fence. System alerts managers and dispatchers when drivers break from their routes; it sends alerts when an employee attempts to enter unauthorised geofence locations and can be used to monitor the movement and usage of company assets.

Resource Your Workers Remotely

Ultratell resource centre provides work aids to support field personnel as they carry out activities and tasks. This includes work and training manuals in various text forms, audios, videos and images. Field workforce can be inducted remotely using the Ultratell Remote Induction tool. The system also provides a robust interactive and feedback mechanism that enables the staff on induction to provide feedback on learning outcome. Field personnel can access these resources and use them on the go to acquire knowledge and skills and as guides for work performance.

Interact With Your Field Workers

With Ultratell, you are connected to your field workforce and interact with them using Ultrachat, alerts, notifications, messaging and emails. Alerts and notifications are configured as required by users on work events, mobile resources, work and travel time estimates, geofence entry & exit and many others. With UltraChat, messaging, emails and various custom forms, team members can chat, collect and share knowledge, information seamlessly. Work documents, media and service history can be attached to messages and emails and shared. The offline data collection mode enables field workforce without connectivity to capture and submit data on mobile devices. These are synced with the cloud system once connection is established.


Online & Offline Data Collections, Geotagged Images, Audio, Video, Drawings, Documents & Work Logs


Digital Signature Capture, Barcode Scanning & Validation, Proof of Completion & Proof of Delivery


Field Workforce Remote Induction & Training, Manuals; Drag & Drop Interface


Invoicing & Billing, Expense Management, Payment Integration, Data Integration, Data Import & Export

Field Data Collection

Ultratell turns field workforce's mobile devices into data-collection tools.

Attendance & Timesheet

Ultratell uses its geofencing feature to manage attendance of field personnel

Live Map Visualizations

Interactive maps with view of traffic, field staff, resources, sites, facilities & customer locations

Dashboard, Analytics & Reports

Live map view and a robust analytics and reporting feature with a dashboard

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